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Tiles or Slabs – Which Granite Is Best for Your Countertop?
For home owners in Caledon, granite countertops can be made of tiles or stone slabs. Both have their merits, and possess all the advantages of granite.
A countertop that is a complete slab makes a powerful statement. It's majestic, when uncut. A slab countertop will also be an enduring source of fascination, with its uninterrupted ribbons of colour, amazing striations and speckles. It is clearly ‘one of a kind' – a stone that is unique to your kitchen. The downside of the impressive appearance of a slab is that its coloration and patterns are impossible to match with another stone, if uniformity of appearance is a priority.
Granite tiles combine strength, beauty and versatility. Made from a blend of materials, tiles are virtually impossible to differentiate from solid slabs. They come in a tremendous variety of colours, patterns and styles. They're less costly than slabs and have the huge advantage of ease of installation. They can be mixed to create a design, and easily cut to fit into unusual shapes.
The Advantages of Granite in Either Form…
Whatever the choice, the advantages of granite begin with its durability. This is a stone that has been in the ground for centuries – and it's going to last in your home, too. Granite countertops will stand up to all the stresses that food preparation can pose, as well as the frequent, inevitable spills. The stone is heat and fire resistant. It won't scratch easily and can be used as a cutting board. A hot pot placed on it won't discolour its surface.
Granite slabs and tiles come in a broad range of colour bases and accents. Because the stone is often speckled, a kitchen with natural light is the ideal showcase for granite, as it picks up the variations in colour.
Granite falls into a number of general categories, as determined by their base colours, patterns and shades.
  • Azul has beautiful blues, and can be shined to perfection.
  • Black granite conveys a trendy look and can be polished to mirror-like quality.
  • Gold and copper are warmer and outgoing, and bring a sense of excitement to the kitchen.
  • Green comes with supporting shades of aqua and blues, grey and gold and will compliment just about any existing décor choice.
  • Rose granite is rare, and its gentle hues can work as a perfect contrast to dark cabinets.
The Care and Treatment of Granite
Granite is porous and can be damaged by sand, acidic liquids and dirt, or inappropriate cleaning. Over time, spills can permeate the surface unless the stone is sealed. It is usually sealed at the time of installation, but the process must be repeated every other year. The surface is resistant to liquids but harsh cleansers will dull its lustre. For regular cleaning, it is as simple as using a clean cloth, warm water, mild dish and hand soap.
Granite countertops add value and beauty to the Caledon home. The choice between tiles and slabs, and the myriad colours add an exciting challenge to the home renovator – but it's one that will result in a lifetime of pleasure and convenience.
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